Does Car Clutter Contribute To Accidents?

Does Car Clutter Contribute To Accidents?

When people head out with their cars in Salem, they do not plan on getting involved in accidents. However, car accidents are still a common occurrence throughout the United States. Most car owners do not consider the messes inside their cars a threat to their safety. Keeping the inside of your car is extremely important for a safe drive. 

If you want to give yourself and your loved ones a safe drive, you must keep your car clutter-free. Nobody thinks an accident will happen due to car clutter unless it happens to them. If you have been involved in a car accident, speak with a Salem personal injury lawyer immediately. 

Ways car clutter can cause accidents

  • Loose objects cause distractions. 

When you have too many things lying around unnecessarily in your car, your eyes might go to them even if you do not want to pay attention to them purposefully. The loose objects may fall off the seat, and you may try to pick them up, which may cause both manual and visual distractions. Or, you may try to reach an object and crash into another vehicle. 

  • Loose objects can injure you even more during accidents. 

In a rear-end auto collision, the forces transferred to a car’s cabin due to a sudden stop can cause the unrestrained objects to move around. This is how a whiplash accident occurs. Your head moves forward and hits the seat again, causing head injuries. The same force that moves your head may cause the loose objects to fly and hit you. 

Also, remember that you do not have to get involved in a collision to experience something of this sort. Loose objects can come flying and hurt you even when you make a sudden stop or a sharp turn. 

  • Uncomfortable driving conditions. 

Research has shown that when you feel physically uncomfortable driving, it may lead to distractions, leading to devastation. Uncomfortable driving conditions like not having enough room for your legs can lead to wrecks. 

If you have kept something in that space, move it out of your way to ensure utmost comfort. The goal is to move anything that interferes with your personal space. Additionally, make sure to install a cup holder in your car if you do not already have one. Holding a cup in one hand and driving is dangerous. 

  • Dirty glass impairs visibility. 

If you have dirty glass, get them cleaned immediately. It is recommended not to drive unless you clean your glasses first. Dirt and other contaminants on your windows and windshields may prevent you from seeing the other cars and pedestrians on the road, increasing the risks of an accident. 

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