Five cheapest places to purchase property in Gloucestershire

Five cheapest places to purchase property in Gloucestershire

5. Tredworth

There is an area in Gloucester which is known as Tredworth. This area lies just outside the Eastgate of the city. Approximately 12,000 people are living here but interestingly there is a lot of diversity as far as communities is concerned in so much that a whopping 50 languages are spoken by the people living in Tredworth. It is therefore not surprising that there is a project under way in which it is endeavored to record as many of the past and present memories of people living in this community. It is possible to purchase property in this area for approximately £80,000.

4. Lydney

Gloucestershire has a town known as Lydney which is located on the west bank of the River Severn. It is located in the Forest of Dean District approximately 10 to 15 minutes from Gloucester. It is also very close to the A48 road. Approximately 9,000 people are living in Lydney. There is also a harbor in Lydney which is lying in the River Severn and it came into existence when the Lydney Canal was built. Right next to the town is the Lydney Park gardens where people can see a Roman temple which has been dedicated to Nodens. Properties can be purchased for £78,000.

3. Cinderford

The town of Cinderford is located on the eastern fringe of the Forest of Dean which is an area in Gloucestershire. It has a population of approximately 9,000 people all of which is living in his 19th century town. Cinderford has come into existence because of the expansion of Cinderford Ironworks. The town has a unique layout and style which makes it easy to guess the origins of Cinderford. Also distinctive is the long rows of very similar terraced housing something which is very similar to what can be found in other mining villages. The average price of properties is in the region of £77,000.

2. Dursley

The market town of Dursley is situated in southern Gloucestershire and it is lying approximately halfway between the cities of Gloucester and Bristol. It is at the northern side of Stinchcombe Hill not far from the River Severn. It is also very close to Cam which has a slightly larger community. In the 11th century Dursley actually had a castle which has been constructed by Roger de Berkeley. In 1471 Dursley was classified as a borough but that was changed in 1886. It had an important administrative duty in the middle 1800s when it was instrumental in the recording of vital records of people living in the surrounding parishes. Current prices of property for a quick property buyer start at about £68,000.

1. Cheltenham

The town of Cheltenham is in Gloucestershire which is better known because of the Cheltenham Festival. This is an event which involves 4 days of horse jump racing where competitors have the objective of winning the Gold Cup. This is an event which always takes place in March and the venue is always the Cheltenham Racecourse. Another distinguishing feature of this town is the Regency buildings of which one is the Pittville Pump Room which is something which has remained because of Cheltenham’s past as a spa town. Some of the primary attractions in the area are the Victorian Everyman Theatre with its ornate auditorium. Then there is also The Wilson museum with its fine art collection. Properties will sell quickly in 7 days for approximately £65,000.

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