Phone Faults; What Should youDo?

Everyone wants to keep their phone lines active at all times, but things can go wrong from time to time. Sometimes, it is a fault with the equipment, while other times it is the wiring. How do you figure out what the problem is? There are several things that you need to check first and then take steps accordingly. Firstly, you should ensure that the telephone’s ringer is on and loud enough. This means checking the volume settings.

Make sure the phone is in its holder and not on the hook. If it is not placed correctly, it will obviously not function. Take a look at the wires that go from the handset to the phone socket to confirm they are secure. You may want to disconnect and reconnect them to check. If you are using a cordless handset, it needs to be fully charged. If there is a problem with just one phone, it could be the equipment, or the line may be malfunctioning.

If these checks don’t work, you will need a screwdriver. All communications-related equipment should be unplugged from their sockets and a corded phone should be plugged into the main socket. This is usually where the phone line enters your property. You can also use a multimeter to check the line, rather than plugging in a phone. Find out more about it here

In case the phone is working when no other equipment is plugged in, then the probably is probably in the other devices. You can plug them in one by one to know which one is faulty. If it doesn’t work, then the line itself is faulty. Likewise, the continuity setting on a multimeter can show you if the problem is with the line, or if it is the equipment creating the issue.


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