The Age of Selling Robots: What Artificial Intelligence Can Do and How AI Works in Sales

The Age of Selling Robots: What Artificial Intelligence Can Do and How AI Works in Sales

Not everyone understands the difference between how artificial intelligence works and how it is presented by those who have watched enough sci-fi movies. The rise of machines does not threaten mankind for one reason: machines do not replace human intelligence.

Robots only improve productivity and become indispensable and effective assistants. However, all decisions are made by humans.

What an artificial intelligence really affects the work of companies, marketers, you can read in a large publication with comments from experts at Let’s summarize the opinions of experts and clarify the most important consequences of artificial intelligence coming to the sales industry and what consequences it causes for all participants: producers, sellers, and buyers.

AI for manufacturers: what’s the difference between conventional and robotic manufacturing

For businesses focused on profits and effective sales expansion, artificial intelligence can help process a wealth of information in real time. This data can then be used for three promising directions:

  • a more accurate understanding of customer behavior;
  • to determine user preferences, based on enhanced data;
  • to design, sell and implement as a single set of solutions with minimal technological costs and minimize the cost of implementing the technological process.

The use of artificial intelligence is also beneficial for another reason – reducing dependence on the selection of personnel with relevant knowledge. Usually, it is difficult to retain such personnel on the competitive labor market. The use of artificial intelligence technology makes it possible to reduce the impact of this factor on the company’s work.

All machine to robot

Tracking and interpreting purchase history, social media, and email interactions, and responding to a website message. Researching market trends, analytics based on statistical information. All of this and other data can be safely handed over to a robot for processing. So can the management of the information received after it has been processed.

However, even the best artificial intelligence cannot replace humans in complex thought processes: making complex decisions, communicating with counterparties, creating strategic goals. Here the human brain and human thinking remain unsurpassed. And the most powerful engines of progress.

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