5 Features That’ll Help you in Choosing a Customs Clearance Firm for Imported Goods

5 Features That’ll Help you in Choosing a Customs Clearance Firm for Imported Goods

Importing goods in Canada might sound like an easy thing to do. But, it isn’t – the import laws are so strong and stringent that you won’t be able to get your shipment cleared, and cleared in time, without the intervention of an import broker. It’s the duty of an import broker to work on your behalf from the beginning until the goods are finally cleared at customs. One such company that can help you is the Clearit Canada customs clearance firm. Have a look at some of the features and benefits of hiring brokers at this company in the guide below. 

  1. You’ll have to Spend Lesser than You Did Prior to Hiring Them

Clearit is one of the best few firms that doesn’t fear declaring their charges openly. It’s this fair pricing policy with no hidden terms and conditions that makes them one of the most trustworthy firms in the country. 

  1. They Help With Clearance at All Ports

Whether it’s airports or sea ports or border crossings via roads, the customs brokers at Clearit are experienced to deal with all of them.

Once you sign up and are assigned an import broker, he/she will prepare the entire documentation that’ll be submitted to the Customs. And, since they are professionals, they know the entire list of documents and certificates that are needed to make sure that the packages aren’t held back at customs due to any reason. 

  1. They Send an Agent on Site

They send an agent for quality check and control while the goods are being unloaded and cleared at customs. Also, they can make arrangements so that you can revise the documents before the cargo arrives so that there are no last minute hiccups.

  1. They Communicate on Your Behalf

It’s not just you that they keep in the loop, it’s also the exporter you’ve purchased the goods from, your freight forwarder, and even your transportation partners that they keep in touch with. It’s this coordinated communication that ensures that there’s no delay in clearance, whatsoever. 

  1. They offer Post Clearance Services

Clearit can offer transportation services and warehousing services once the cargo is offloaded and cleared at customs. This service is of utmost value when you’re a non-resident importer or someone who wants to sell your products on Amazon. 

These are the few services that are their exclusive features. You can also have a look at many more on their website, Clearit Canada, for more information.


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