Activities that allow the labour lawyer to provide legal advice

Activities that allow the labour lawyer to provide legal advice

The extent of the compensation of the differential damage includes the percentage of the damage suffered by the worker that cannot be directly compensated by Virginia workers’ compensation guide, such as, for example, impairments of a degree between 1% and 5% and the percentage of temporary and moral disability not recognized.

Therefore, the employer will be responsible for the more significant damage suffered by the worker, which is compensable in civil proceedings and not compensated by the Virginia workers’ compensation attorney. 

Generally, the client tends to turn up their nose at the estimate presented by the labour lawyer, often considering the sum requested by the professional excessive; this happens because the “non-experts” have limited knowledge of the work that is, in practice, carried out by the lawyer before giving a legal opinion or taking a claim for compensation: for this reason, it is essential to explain, specifically, in what does intellectual activity consist.

In summary, the preparation of a legal opinion requires the lawyer, depending on the difficulty of the case, specific use of time and energy, necessary to:

♣ Reconstruct and analyze the accident that occurred to the employee;

♣ Examine the medical documentation provided by the client, possibly with the collaboration of a trusted legal doctor;

♣ Carry out normative and jurisprudential research that allows correctly qualifying the concrete case and identifying some judgments that have decided on issues similar to the one submitted;

♣  Therefore, in principle, these are the main activities carried out by the labour lawyer to guarantee the employee’s reasons in a timely and complete manner.        

How much does it cost, and who pays the lawyer?

How much does the legal assistance cost, and who has to pay the lawyer for the road accident? Since the minimum professional fees were abolished, each lawyer can freely decide their price. 

Since the mandate given to a lawyer represents a full-fledged contract, the parties are free to agree on the price. Many agree on an amount equal to a predetermined percentage of the insurance compensation (usually 15 to 20%), which the same company then pays.

Before giving the assignment, it is always advisable to agree on the remuneration, even better if this agreement is written. The legal costs will also be anticipated if you intend to bring judicial action against the insurance company.

In addition to the lawyer’s cost, there are also those to be incurred by experts and coroners. They remind you that poor people can request free legal aid from the Virginia workers’ compensation attorney, with which a lawyer is appointed at the expense of the State. Many people give up their right of defence, constitutionally guaranteed, because they are frightened by the costs to be incurred; or decide to rely on the cheapest lawyer without considering their expertise and experience.

• offering free consultations;

• anticipating all the expenses necessary to assert the rights of the client;

• employing the best specialists in the sector;

• taking charge of all the contingencies that occur; 

• requesting a fee, equal to an agreed percentage of the compensation, only after the result is obtained.

Thus employing all the necessary resources and the best professionals to obtain the best result in the shortest possible time. 

Frances F. Beal

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