Avoid these Mistakes While Riding a Bike as a Beginner

Avoid these Mistakes While Riding a Bike as a Beginner

The only dream, of all youngsters, is to ride a motorcycle of their choice. Harley Davidson, Big Bear Choppers, Boss Hoss, etc. are some of the brands that attract most of us. Everyone gets fascinated after seeing bikers riding against the wind on freeways. So, the one thing that we want is our dream bike.

We search all sites, look for all accessories, features and find the right motorcycle that suits our needs and fashion. What if the bike is available in a different city? Even if you book it, you need a state permit before it crosses the border. Moreover, if it is your first bike and you have recently got your licenses, then it wise to choose a third party to help you get the bike. Your motorcycle is your baby and the last thing that you want is a dent or scratch on it.

Ship a Car, Inc. is a nationwide motorcycle shipping company that ships all kinds of motorcycles ranging from adventure touring bikes, choppers, cruisers, dirt bikes, scooters, sports bikes, etc. SAC provides a door-to-door motorcycle transport service. They work with the most trusted carriers that keep your shipment safe. The shipping is done at the most affordable price which is convenient for both parties.

You’ve made the right choice of hiring a motorcycle shipping company. They get it delivered in the right condition. However, you must be losing patience to get a hand on it. As a beginner, it is apparent that you’re overly excited. Sometimes excitement can lead to serious troubles. There are few things that you need to be aware of.

  • Counter-steering might look dangerous where the biker leans while turning in such a way that his or her knee scraps the road. However, this trick is useful while taking any sharp turn and it is very simple, only if it is practiced well, simply press right on the handlebars to go right and press left on the handlebars to go left.
  • Beginners often fail to keep a track of fuel, thus they run out of fuel easily. Take a peek inside the fuel tank frequently to check if it is half full or empty.
  • You may want your girlfriend or your friend to hop and enjoy a ride with you, but riding solo and with a company is two different things. Practice alone first as much as possible, once you have confidence in riding alone, then you may tag along with someone.
  • Stalling is a big mistake that beginners often perform. It is wise to master the clutch lever to be comfortable to pull the lever and release the clutch for friction zone.
  • Bikes are supposed to keep moving slowly through congestions because staying still in traffic can be more dangerous, especially on busy roads. There might be car drivers who can get frustrated when you’re moving and they’re standing still, but remember that is the right way of riding a bike.

Most beginners prefer buying second-hand bikes to brand new ones. There is no harm in it. However, you need to ensure that after buying a second-hand bike, the repairing cost should not be more. Buy from an authorized seller and get it insured to avoid any trouble or accidents.

Frances F. Beal

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