Can A Virtual Office Be Run Using Company Registration In Turkey?

Can A Virtual Office Be Run Using Company Registration In Turkey?

Turkey offers a wide variety of benefits to foreign investors looking for a place to start a company and run a business. A virtual office can be run remotely, giving entrepreneurs from around the world the opportunity of doing business in the country. Starting a virtual office entails registering a company in Turkey.

It is quite possible to run a virtual office after the company registration has been done.

The Benefits of Having a Virtual Office in Turkey

As a business person, it is normal to think about the benefits a particular action can bring. The same is with opening a virtual office in this country; what would it mean for you? Let’s find out.

  • Decrease in Operational Costs: When you set up a virtual office in Turkey, you save money on operational costs. This can mean more profits for your business over the long run.
  • Use Onsite Workspace As and When Needed: Since it is a virtual office, you and your staff will be working online mostly. This means that the onsite workplace will only be used as and when needed. This decreases the overhead costs and increases your profits.
  • Save on Commute: For such virtual office space, you don’t need your employees to commute to work every day. This is great because it helps you beat the traffic. Save time by working at the business as much as possible and keep commuting to the bare minimum.
  • Get Business Benefits: When you operate a virtual office in Turkey, you get business advantages as well. The Turkish government has many offers for foreign investors and it can be beneficial to start a business there, even if just a virtual one. Take advantage of the comfortable business atmosphere of the place.

How will the Virtual Office Work?

Company registration in Turkey offers a lot of opportunities for virtual offices. Establish a virtual office at a location that you prefer and the office will be equipped in a manner so that you will be able to receive calls, send emails and faxes, and more. Arrangements can be made for staff to be placed at the virtual office where they can take messages and emails and forward them to a business, a legal entity, or a person in another country.

A foreign company can also have a designated employee who runs the virtual office in Turkey on its behalf.

The virtual office will have a particular office address that enables your business to receive mail and open a bank account. Opening a business in Turkey can be profitable and when it is a virtual one, it can be all the more so.

The low setup and operational costs of a virtual office in Turkey make it fruitful for foreign investors and business owners to choose it. With a quality consultancy at the fore, opening and running such an operation is made easy and stress-free for everyone concerned. Depending on your requirements, you can have a very simple or more complex setup as far as your virtual office is concerned.


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