We love our feline friends when they rub against our legs, knead our laps, or look us in the eye and purr. Yet sometimes we may not like everything about our furry friends. Not when they snoop through the house in the middle of the night or reject a perfectly clean litter box.

You don’t have to live with irritation when your cat acts out, and when things go bad you don’t have to give up your cuddly friend. You and your cat friend can live in perfect peace together with a little support from the vet and a little patience.

It is said that just about every common cat problem can be managed with a little help. For example…

  1. It may seem like your cat is scratching on your couch or walls or curtains to irritate you. But they do it to boost and restart their energy, to play, file their nails, mark their area and get rid of some irritation. Vets say that scratching is very easy to prevent with a number of tricks, such as dabbing catnip somewhere that they’re allowed to scratch (e.g. scratching post),trimming the cat’s claws and applying cat scratch repellent spray and tape to your furnishings.
  2. Cats aren’t generally aggressive. If they are, it may be because they’re sick or maybe are lacking interaction with others. Take them for a medical check up and be sure to give them the attention they need.
  1. If your kitty is just fussy during the night, you may assist them in falling asleep easier with a fun play time session just before the time they usually fall asleep. Perhaps let them sleep on your bed for extra warmth and comfort – it’s scientifically proven to be healthy for you too.
  1. Enrich the surroundings of the kitten so that there is much to do throughout the day, making your cat happier during the day and more sleepy in the evening. You may also engage them with a timed feeder, which opens at predetermined times. This means they’ll be well fed without being over fed, which also helps with a good sleep at night.
  1. To ensure your cat gets plenty of stimulation, which helps reduce unwanted behaviours, by constructing a cat’s play area. Give your cat toys, a scratching post and make sure they have access to looking out a window at birds and other street life etc. You could also leave them with objects to be explored like cardboard boxes and cat puzzles. Create a cat’s creative play arena…
  1. When a female cat is in heat, she often becomes extremely clingy and loud, meowing frequently to try to notify a possible mate to her reproductive state. Also, when a female cat is in heat, a male cat can sense and communicate. This yowling and other such behaviours can last a long time – perhaps consider desexing your cat? There are a number of health benefits to doing so.
  1. Have at least one easily accessible litter box so your cat can toilet privately with no fuss. Try a few types of litter boxes initially so your cat can choose their favourite, e.g. certain cats like their litter box covered.

If you want to keep your cat protected from medical uncertainty, you can opt for cat insurance to help you with medical expenses. You can get pet insurance online too.

Edward Tarvin

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