Have question about your injury claim in NJ? Check these FAQs

Have question about your injury claim in NJ? Check these FAQs

Injured by a defective product? Need help to file a car accident claim in New Jersey? Understanding the state laws can be confusing, and even if you manage to initiate the process, negotiating the settlement can be a tough call. Instead of trying to figure out everything alone, you should consider meeting the injury attorneys at Sattiraju & Tharney for an assessment. To help with the process, we have enlisted a few FAQs below.

What’s the deadline for filing a personal injury lawsuit in NJ?

Every state has a unique statute of limitations that gives a time period to file personal injury lawsuits in court. In New Jersey, you are expected to act within two years from the accident date. If this is a case of nursing home abuse or medical malpractice, the clock starts from the date of discovery of your injury. There is a six-year statute of lawsuits concerning property damage. Remember that the deadlines are for civil cases against the party liable for your situation and consequent losses. If you want to start with an insurance claim, which is common in many circumstances, you must do so immediately.

What would be the role of the attorney?

A personal injury lawyer is your advocate for all steps and processes. They can file the paperwork, deal with the claims adjuster, and will usually spend time and rely on experts to investigate the accident. The goal is to find evidence and details that can prove liability. The lawyer will also check whether there is a need for litigation, for which they will complete the due court-related paperwork and represent you at trial.

With limited finances, is it possible to afford an injury lawyer?

Yes, you can hire a personal injury lawyer even when you don’t have cash or financial resources. That’s because these law firms in NJ work on a contingency fee, and therefore unless you recover money from the other side, there is no need to pay the legal team. Also, the first meeting with an attorney is free, which allows you to get answers to basic questions.

How do you find an attorney for such cases?

Ask around, talk to people, and rely on online resources to find local personal injury lawyers in NJ. Also, check online ratings and reviews to know whether a law firm has a good reputation within the industry and among previous clients.

Get an attorney to know what the personal injury case is worth.

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