Key points for achieving financial security

Key points for achieving financial security

Bitcoin, which appeared in 2009, ranks first in the rating of the most popular cryptocurrencies, its capitalization is 137.5 billion dollars. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system that is based on cryptographic methods. All information regarding activities between system addresses is available in the open.

The creators of the first crypto coins positioned their products as a reliable way to keep financial transactions anonymous. But is this true? Unfortunately, no. By analyzing the transactions performed, third parties can track all the actions and transactions of the owners of bitcoins (or other cryptocurrencies). When making payments using cryptocurrency, one of the main security factors is the protection of the personal data of crypto wallet owners.

The owners of cryptocurrency often lose it for various reasons. The most common reason is scammers. They have come up with many ways to steal digital assets and use them mainly against inexperienced users. Thus, such technology as blending services takes an important place here.

Bitcoin mixer: the best way to keep cryptocurrency anonymous

Can we protect our funds? Yes. For example, BitMix¬† service has proven in practice the effectiveness of the methods it uses to protect information from intruders and other “curious” persons. A huge number of cryptocurrency users from all over the world have personally convinced themselves of the reliability of BitMix.

To preserve the anonymity of service users and exclude the possibility of tracking transactions, the program mixes your crypto coins with others, makes a payment, and then removes the links for these operations. For example, you send 2 BTC to a business partner, another user pays 0.5 BTC to the online store, the third makes a transaction for 1 BTC.

So, such services are not necessarily used for illegal purposes. Sometimes you need to hide your trace and ownership of cryptocurrency from ransomware, protect yourself, and more.

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