Lead Generation Tactics for Home Improvement Companies

Creating new leads is critical to the survival and growth of a home improvement company. So you may be looking for ways to reach out to new customers, but that is easier said than done. How do you generate qualified home improvement leads

There are many ways to do this. Paid advertising, co-marketing, email marketing, social media, and other types of advertising can help.

Paid Advertising

The home remodeling industry is highly competitive, so it is vital to be found by potential customers in the top search engines. You can increase your ranking in a short period of time by employing SEO (search engine optimization). However, you must consistently create great content to get high rankings. High-level Marketing’s SEO strategies rely on consumer-friendly content, reputable citations, and trustworthy contextual backlinks. In addition to having great content, it is also important to have a local business address.

While traditional methods of advertising are effective for small businesses, it is important to use a combination of both free and paid methods. Paid advertising is a powerful way to reach potential customers and boost your business’s visibility. Think With Google says that eighty-seven percent of consumers do their research online before visiting a store. Deloitte also revealed that 58 percent of home improvement retail sales are influenced by digital channels. A consistent digital ad presence will increase brand recognition and encourage repeat business.


While it may seem counterproductive to associate with other businesses to promote your product or service, co-marketing is an important strategy that can help you reach your customers more effectively. In addition to increasing your reach, co-marketing can help you gain brand recognition. It also creates an opportunity to engage in relationships with like-minded business owners and industry experts. These connections can boost your marketing efforts, give you access to new markets, and generate quality bathroom remodel leads.

When co-marketing, the two companies should collaborate on the content and strategy. The first step is creating a shared Google Doc. This way, each company can collaborate on the content while simultaneously editing and finalizing the plan. Once this step is completed, the assigned marketers should begin creating the content and promoting them through social media. This step is important as it can help the two companies reach new audiences. Co-marketing allows both companies to save time and money while increasing their marketing impact.

There are many more tactics home improvement companies can do to generate more leads. Read more on this topic in an infographic by HomeGuru.



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