SME Accounting Software: The Tool that allows you to simplify your Business

Accounting software for SMEs is an essential tool if you want to make your job easier. Therefore it is important to choose the best accounting software, the one that guarantees you the most functionality and that is in line with your needs.

With this article experts want to suggest some of the features that an excellent accounting software should have, so that it works like a real management software.

How accounting software works?

Accounting software allows entrepreneurs to manage the accounting of their business and thus have functionalities related to financial movements: active and passive accounting. Therefore with customers and suppliers, manage and record income and expenses even in the first note – so that your business is well organized.

Despite these are the basic functions, today the accounting program for SMEs have evolved to become real management software functional to all aspects of your business.

This feature is especially crucial for small businesses and freelancers who often do not have the adequate resources to hire staff who can manage everything with sufficient attention.

What features should accounting software have?

Accounting software should have some essential features so that you can manage not only the accounts, but also the way you can communicate with customers and suppliers.

  • Time saving and ease of use: this should be the first feature to be analysed. In fact, you should be wondering if the software you want to choose really saves you precious time. Is it easy to use? Does it allow you to automate the most common tasks?It is in fact essential that the software allows you to manage basic activities with simplicity.
  • Free version: You should choose software that has a free version, so that you can test it before making a final decision.
  • Contact Integration: Great software should allow you to import contacts you already have or easily record them on your software.
  • Tax forecast: software that allows you to make projections on the taxes you should pay and that is able to automatically manage the amounts will further simplify your business – and above all give you a clear idea of ​​your real profits.
  • Payment support: the ideal software is the one that offers you the possibility to pay or be paid conveniently online and by credit or debit card.
  • Efficient assistance: another fundamental aspect is the efficiency and speed of the support team of the software house that has developed your management system that produces the software. A team that responds quickly and clearly to your requests, and that provides you with technical assistance, will allow you to solve any problems you may encounter while using the software and to resolve your doubts.
  • Mobile optimization: using software that has a mobile version will allow you to keep an eye on your business wherever you are.
  • Scalability: You should choose accounting software that offers multiple packages, so that it can adapt to your business from its inception and throughout its development.

Ultimately, you should choose Xero bookkeeping that can guarantee you efficiency and reliability and that offers solutions that allow you to manage your business with complete peace of mind.

Best accounting Software in Singapore

Xero Accounting Software has multiple tools needed to grow small sized businesses. Some of the features are as follows:

  1. Asset management – Monitor every business asset such as vehicles, machinery, hardware and office equipment for real-time accounting purposes
  2. Project management – Xero bookkeeping software allows you to complete all your project management tasks such as capturing time and cost, sending invoices and tracking progress in one platform
  3. Sales tax – Sales tax-related features make it easy to file taxes online, prepare and submit sales tax returns. It also calculates taxes for your sales and purchases with the latest rates
  4. Business performance dashboard – Leverage dashboard with built-in charts and graphs for actionable insights to make data-driven business decisions
  5. Inventory management – Excellent inventory management tools let you stay on top of the numbers and keep track of your inventory

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