Tips to Make the Most from Your PPC Ad Campaign

Tips to Make the Most from Your PPC Ad Campaign

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a marketing tool in which businesses use search engine ads to generate clicks for your web search engine advertisements to generate clicks for the desired website as an alternative to earning them organically.  The sponsored ads with a yellow label that appear at the top of Google search result pages are those that pay Google every time a user clicks on their ad.

In Singapore, there are professionals who find ways to better your existing marketing strategies. They do not just provide SEO, but even offer pay per click services. Google and Bing attract a huge volume of online traffic, so here are some tips to kick start your PPC campaign towards huge success.

The Selection Of Your Keyword Matters Most

You should consider the consumer’s point of view when selecting keywords. Never use generic terms; instead, identify the ones that customers will most likely use to search for your niche. Search engine tools, such as Google’s keyword tool, can help you identify phrases and keywords that will drive traffic to your site.

Bid Like You Are In A Real Auction

Keyword bidding is done via Ad auction. Supply and demand drive the bidding prices. Popular keywords are expensive, so emphasize what makes you different from competitors while choosing keywords. 

Set A Limit To Your Budget

Determine the maximum amount to be paid every month for the click-through. As soon as, you reach the maximum amount your ad will automatically stop appearing. E.g. if you are paying $0.60 per word and your chosen budget is $600 then your ad will appear for 1,000 click-throughs only. 

Leading Visitors To Your Landing Page

The goal of your PPC marketing campaign is to convert visitors landing on your website into customers. Therefore, make sure that your website is aligned with the ad pitch. The offer made on your website must be the same, clear, convincing, and better than your opponent.


Targeting Your Audience Has Never Been Easier

It is easy to geo-target ads towards potential consumers in specific locations. For example, if your bakery is in Chama then you target ads locally and if your products are sold online then you can choose nations you plan to ship your products to. 

Monitoring, Analysis And Collecting Your Data

Major search engines like Google offers tools to check your ad performance. You can keep track of the click-through rates and visitor data like their location. Even monitor conversion rates such as information requests or sales. Keeping track of the conversion rate you can determine your ROI. 

Learn & tweak

Performance tracking of which ad copy works, and which doesn’t help to enhance the weak ad. You can experiment with different keyword combinations or target different areas and realize what works best. For obtaining extra value use the data learned from tracking and testing keywords for boosting the organic ranking of your website in search results. 

When your PPC ad campaign is designed well and runs smoothly the pay per click costs will reduce. For example, if you are paying $3 for a click but the click-through results in a sale of $200 then using PPC is profitable. Besides, search engines like Google reward high-quality and good performing ads. It means with the lowest bid you gain better ad space than the highest bidders. 

The Reasons To Go For Pay-per-Click:

  • Good for searchers – People use search engines to look for products or services. Confronted with highly relevant ads encourages them to click. They don’t mind clicking on ads that fit their needs!
  • Worthy for advertisers – Searchers display their intent via search query. Advertisers ensure that the message shared via their ad copy resonates with the search query, thus they receive quality traffic from PPC ads.
  • Great for search engines – Search engines are empowered to cater to advertisers and seekers simultaneously. The advertisers increase their revenue stream, while the seekers comprise their user base. 

An optimized PPC ad campaign enables to grow customer base and improve ROI.


Edward Tarvin

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