Top Kajabi Plans for the Basic Site

Top Kajabi Plans for the Basic Site

If you have been searching for a place that can meet all of your requirements for your company in one convenient location, then you have heard about Kajabi. Kajabi is a firm that provides a platform that you can use to develop, expand, and control an online business centered on various things, including courses, coaching programs, podcasts, and more.

The service provider works hard to incorporate all the fundamental requirements for running an internet company onto a single platform. As a result, they provide the highest level of user-friendliness and convenience possible.

Regarding Kajabi’s price options, quota restrictions are the most significant variation between the plans, causing consumers to switch from one to the next. For example, the number of products and pipelines you may have varies from plan to plan. An online course, membership area, podcast, community or coaching package are all examples of “products” in this context. Here are the top Kajabi plans for the basic site;

Basic Plan

You can develop up to three different products with the Kajabi Basic Plan, the pricing plan with the cheapest overall cost.

When you use Kajabi as your business platform, the service or good you provide to your consumers is known as a product. You are not restricted to teaching just online courses if you use Kajabi since it is an all-in-one system.

You may also offer additional items such as memberships, digital products, and services related to coaching, amongst other things. You are only allowed to produce a maximum of three different products.

Additionally, the Basic plan qualifies you for three sales pipelines to be added to your account. A sales pipeline is nothing more than a succession of sales material that a marketer may employ to cultivate cold leads and turn them into paying customers.

The Basic plan only allows for one website and one admin user at a time. But if you’re trying to launch a profitable online course company, this ought to be plenty to get you started.

Growth Plan

The Kajabi Growth plan provides you with an increase in volume and a few more features. You can access 15 goods and 15 sales pipelines if you choose this subscription. This gives you more freedom, allowing you to accomplish even more with your content marketing.

Although the plan is restricted to a single website, you are allowed up to ten administrative users on the site this time. Advanced automation, white-labeling, and affiliate programs are some of the other perks of the Growth plan.

Users that subscribe to the Growth plan get access to live chat assistance around the clock, which contributes to a better customer service experience.

Pro Plan

Kajabi’s Pro plan gives you access to even more of the growth plan’s current capabilities. Up to 25 administrators may be added to your three websites with the Pro plan.

A code editor is included, enabling you to completely personalize your website, product, and page layouts with the editor. This is a good choice for Kajabi custom themes.

In Summary

Take advantage of the free 30-day trial while weighing Kajabi’s price and other alternatives. Kajabi costs can only be judged by using them yourself and forming your decision on their value.

Clare Louise

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