How Long Can Help File A Car Accident Claim In Columbia

How Long Can Help File A Car Accident Claim In Columbia

When an accident occurs, the immediate reaction of the victim is to pick up their phone and call 911, alerting the medical health providers and contacting the insurance company. When police officers come to the scene, they will prepare an auto accident report for what they observe in the accident spot and prepare a report on it. You can also contact the police station after the accident to report it. 

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How long can help file a car accident claim in Colombia?

According to law, the driver must immediately report the car accident to the local police department, highway patrol, or county sheriff if anyone is injured or killed. Any driver victim or at fault is obligated to report the incident. If any driver is unable to report the accident, another occupant should do it. 

If the accident is not investigated, you must submit a written review to the department of motor vehicles within 15 days of the collision occurring, which involves

  1. Injuries
  2. Fatalities
  3. Property damage of more than $1,000

Sometimes you may not want to report accidents at all, but those are rare. For example, if you hit your car door against a steel beam while parking the car in the parking lot, you will not want to report it because the estimated repair cost will be more than the insurance deductible. Also, the insurance provider may increase the rate if you report such cases, especially if you have prior claims. 

You will have to report the accident as soon as possible or at the accident spot if possible (most insurance companies have 24-hour accident claim hotlines and phone applications for claims). Most insurance companies require their customer to make claims within a specific time window after the accident has occurred. However, the rules are different in every insurance company. If you are unsure when to file your claim, ask your insurance agent. 

Lawsuits and statute of limitations

Lawsuits are exceptions in case of car accidents, but sometimes they are necessary if the insurance companies pay less to cover your damages. Also, every state has a strict time period for filing the lawsuit known as the civil statute of limitations. The time starts from the day of the incident. If you wait for six months to file an insurance claim and then decide to sue, you are already into the statute of limitations of six months. 

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