Is It Possible To Get Discriminated Against Because of the Language or Accent?

Is It Possible To Get Discriminated Against Because of the Language or Accent?

Many companies hire people, who are good at writing and speaking foreign languages so that they can deal with clients from different parts of the globe. Additionally, if someone is not good at speaking the native language but is hired due to possessing some other technical skills, he may be discriminated against. Such employees may feel out of place because they are not communicating well with people, who are good at speaking the native language. However, this kind of discrimination can be stopped by consulting a Connecticut employment lawyer.

How language and accent can be a barrier?

Even if a person has the capability of writing a foreign language, he may not be good at speaking it. For instance, a company may hire a person to write emails and handouts in French but he cannot put on this accent while speaking with clients. This way, it can be a barrier for people and the company may stop sending him for client meetings.

In other scenarios, if a person cannot speak the native language and is unable to speak like the native people, many people at the office may stop talking to him. If the boss stops giving him perks and promotions because he has fewer friends in the office, it can be considered discrimination due to language and accent. If these incidents occur more often, the employee can file a formal complaint with the management. They should take action on an immediate basis. In case, they fail to do so, the employee can use his legal rights by consulting an attorney.

How an attorney can assist you in discrimination based on language?

If you are denied promotions and benefits because you don’t speak in a certain manner or you are not popular in the office because you cannot communicate with them, you can contact an attorney and ask for a resolution. It is not a good idea to leave your job because the environment at the workplace has turned hostile for you. You must take the necessary actions by hiring an attorney.

Don’t expect a positive outcome if you have not hired an employment attorney. After listening to your problem, he can figure out the possible ways to deal with it. He may contact your employer and ask for lost income if you have suffered or even the compensation for the harassment. If nothing else works, he can suggest litigation against your employer. 

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