Ontario semi-truck accident: Avoid these common mistakes

Ontario semi-truck accident: Avoid these common mistakes

One is never fully prepared to deal with the consequences of an accident. On-road mishaps are not rare in California. In fact, thousands of accidents are reported in the state every year, of which a considerable percentage involve crashes and collisions that result in devastating outcomes. Large commercial vehicles and semi-trucks are often responsible for serious accidents in Ontario. If you ever end up in such an unfortunate situation, here are some mistakes you need to avoid. 

Not hiring a lawyer

Because commercial trucks are huge in size, the damage these vehicles can cause is massive. If you don’t hire a semi truck accident lawyer Ontario, you may end up accepting a much lower offer. One of the first few steps is to determine fault and liability. In the case of standard car accidents, the investigation is rather simple, and it doesn’t take long to find the party at fault. Truck accidents are different, and it is quite possible that the trucker is not at fault. There could be lapses on the part of the trucking company, loading service, or even the vehicle manufacturer. Get an attorney so that you don’t have to deal with everything on your own. 

Dealing with the insurance company directly

This is the second big reason to get an attorney for your case. If you expect the insurance company to be fair and honest, you would be hugely disappointed. The claims adjuster has no intention of playing fair. They may adhere to typical insurance tactics to deny your claim or reduce your settlement. You cannot hope to win against the insurance company without an attorney. Let an attorney take things forward, and if and when needed, your lawyer can also file a lawsuit. 

Not seeking medical attention/following up 

If your injuries are severe, you deserve a settlement that will cover your current and future medical bills and treatment costs. However, for that, you need to seek medical care right after the accident. Your injury doctor will help gather evidence to bolster your case, and you need to follow up with the treatment plan. 

Not informing the police

No matter what others tell you, always inform the police immediately after the semi-truck accident. Fleeing the scene or evading your responsibility after the accident can go against you. If someone is injured, call 911 right away. Also, cooperate with the investigating officer, but don’t admit anything, regardless of the pressure. 

Hire an attorney for your truck accident case now!

Frances F. Beal

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