Buying Tips: Buggies And Wagons For Comfortable Day Trips

Buying Tips: Buggies And Wagons For Comfortable Day Trips

Small children, in particular, are still too strenuous over long distances, or they need to rest in their pram at lunchtime. There are many different models, which of course, have to be adapted to the individual needs. With the following 10 buying tips, the choice will be easier.

Tip 1: Compare Models

The jungle of brands and manufacturers of buggies and wagon cart is sometimes not easy to survey. Nevertheless, a first impression of the different models should be created. The first thing to do is to get in touch with acquaintances, friends, or neighbors, most of whom have had their own experiences.

Important: Your demands and ideas should now slowly emerge. For example, does the buggy need an adjustable backrest with a sleeping position, and is a shopping basket perhaps desired?

Tip 2: Determine The Size

Families often travel by car for a day trip, or they like to use the buggy for their next holiday trip. Therefore, the chosen model must be easy to transport and harmonize with the trunk of the car. Handcarts can often be folded down to a small size, and even buggies can be folded up with a simple system. The advantage is that you don’t have to remove the wheels every time or change something in the car. At best, there is space for other utensils in the vehicle’s trunk.

Tip 3: Robust Or Lightweight?

A buggy should, of course, be robust but at the same time lightweight. Most models weigh around 8 to 10 kg. The situation is similar to handcarts. Only the massive variants are significantly heavier and more challenging to transport in the car due to their rigid axle. Many families, therefore, rely on the light, foldable carts, for example, for the next trip to the zoo.

Tip 4: Observe The Age Recommendation

Every buggy or handcart comes with an age recommendation. Many prams can be converted and used from birth. Other models offer an attachment for the car shell so that the actual stroller does not always have to be taken with you. However, newborns should not sit in the car shell for too long or even sleep in it for several hours to prevent later back problems.

Tip 5: Suitable For The Afternoon Nap?

Depending on the child’s age, the buggy should have a sleeping position. This possibility is only badly given with a handcart. So, if a nap has to be planned for the excursion, families with a buggy are better off. The backrest can be adjusted and brought into a lying position on some models. It is then padded accordingly, and the child can remain buckled while sleeping. Children under the age of 2, in particular, should be able to lean well and lie comfortably in their buggy.

Frances F. Beal

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