What do you need to know about worker laws in Syracuse?

What do you need to know about worker laws in Syracuse?

A construction site is a risky site to work at because of the number of equipment at the site and their simultaneous operations. A construction accident lawyer needs to be well-versed with the rules and safety regulations to understand and suggest practical steps. A Syracuse construction accident lawyer makes it easier to seek financial compensation when filing a labor lawsuit.

Who can be sued for construction accident compensation?

The law in Syracuse is very favorable towards the injured worker. And hence it is crucial to know who is legally responsible for the accident. There are parties other than the employer who can be accountable for the injuries. Equipment manufacturers, Property owners, Contractors, etc., can be held responsible. So you will be able to get comprehensive compensation apart from the worker’s compensation which means that you can charge many parties. The lawyer needs to investigate and take the required actions to hold the liable party for the claim and ensure complete recovery to the worker.

Why are there special laws for construction workers?

Construction workers are open to risky working conditions and deal with dangerous equipment. The most significant risk is working from heights because of which various unfortunate accidents and, in some cases, death occurs. Hence, the New York legislature has a special law called ‘Scaffold law’ and some other laws that help the construction site worker claim and get protection quickly. The state also puts strict rules for the construction company to ensure the safety of the workers. Some of them are:

– Inspecting the site visit for safety compliance

– Using safe equipment for construction

– Providing safety equipment to safeguard the workers

Despite all these rules and laws, construction workers become vulnerable to accidents simply because the law is violated somewhere. Workers are sometimes made to work with tight deadlines.

They are made to work overtime to complete certain construction activities, and accidents can occur because of workers being tired or burnout.


Construction site being a place of utmost risk, it is imperative to have proper safety measures in place. It is also essential to file a complaint within a stipulated time period, and a notice of claim needs to be submitted within 90 days of injury. Different states also have different rules for this; hence it is essential to get legal help as soon as possible to get the claim you deserve on time from the responsible parties.

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