Tips For Effective Communications Monitoring During Pandemic

Over several months since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, firms are continuously facing many challenges. One is sending the majority of employees home to work as adhering to different lockdown measures.

The implementation of remote working is broader than what most firms realize. Though it is working reasonably well in establishing business continuity, there are challenges they need to address regarding business-related communications to ensure success for the long-term. 

With the quick adoption of changes in working set up came the challenge of employees communications stemming from using various communication platforms to engage with customers and colleagues. 

Moreover, since such tools are practical and efficient, many employees prefer to communicate with such tools using personal devices as they are freer given the working set up. 

However, most communication platforms have no secure sms messaging and unreliable for protecting confidential information, making it a significant risk for firms. 

Various industries have to follow several laws with data protection, especially the heavily regulated financial sector. As such, firms need to have effective communications monitoring solutions for messages and call monitoring as work at home employees are likely to use personal devices for communication. 

It is essential to protect a firm with a messaging solutions provider like Telemessage, to prevent risks such as security breaches and information leakage.

Click this infographic by TeleMessage to learn some tips in ensuring effective communications monitoring during a pandemic. 


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